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Very great game, love the food castle! Please, make a sequel where you play as the beetle!

Well done - fun game

very cute :))

I have never play a typing rpg game like this  super cool and creative!

this would be so good with multiple levels... just saying

Amazing little puzzle game.

Love the aesthetic! Great job

sooo relaxing and its also short which is good for my short attention span loll but its wonderful over all <33


When I type start it does not work

kinda relaxing

c-u-t-e b-e-e-t-l-e <3

c-u-t-e g-a-m-e

This game is super super cute! I love the game aesthetics and everything!!! <3333

I adore the art style and its such a fun concept with the keyboard controls! The music and sfx gives the game a nice touch too!

im going to take that robot thing and keep it hostage and make it give me flowers and never let it leave <3


this thing's cute

This was a fun little game!

That was beautiful 

That was a short and cute game. I really enjoyed it. You should make more. :)

so cute


so cute!!!! i love this tiny game, it's super cute and i love the art style~

aaaa! this game is so cute! :)I love it!!


Soo Cool, short but Beauty

so cute!!! loved da big pizza :)

Very cute <3 ! Most typing games have a timed aspect, which is stressful. This one was very leisurely, which meant I could enjoy it more!

great game!!1


Super cute, had a lot of fun playing :D <3


The art was ADORABLE!!! A short and simple game made well. 


I can't believe I haven't seen this sooner but this game is so so so cute! Amazing work~

Had a lot of fun with this! Wish it was longer, look forward to seeing if there is ever a full release.

short, but so cute !!

This game was amazing

I love it, this is so cute :>

so so cute :D

this is so lovely


this was so fun and cutee

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