Explore a lone remote island and capture beautiful moments.

*Mouse sensitivity can be adjusted via the "Esc" key (for browser play, first exit out of fullscreen mode).

Originally created for VimJam2.

Art & Level Design
Viv Lun 
@_smuckz (twitter) | @_smuckz (instagram) | @smuckerz (itch.io) 

Code & Audio
Paul Sim
@PaulSim_ (twitter) | @piratetune (itch.io)

PlatformsWindows, macOS, HTML5
Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars
(47 total ratings)
Authorsloafy co., smuckerz
TagsCute, Exploration, Pixel Art, Relaxing


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I really like the simple art and graphics, and the sounds and music create a relaxing atmosphere. It was very fun to play through!

I loved the arts and music, wonderful game. For a moment when the music stopped, I saw the objects lying on the ground next to the footprints and I started to climb the mountain higher and higher to discover something I thought was going to turn into a horror game or something with a lot of hidden secrets, but it was really fun, I loved it!


Absolutely wonderful little game >3333 Loved the look of the 3d pixel landscape with the 2d characters, and I had a lot of fun solving the puzzles!!!

Loved it! Will you be sharing the game's source code?


Beautiful game! Really atmospheric and relaxing

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This game was very relaxing and cute! 


really cute!

This is Sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo good


this made me so happy!!! i love the isle and its inhabitants :)


so cute loved it


Really cute and calming game! :D 


The game is really cute! Although I'm stuck on the log parkour I keep on falling :(


From the visual style to the characters, very sweet, great work in the jam. It would be cool to go exploring other places & get more photography missions. :) 


Thanks for the feedback and for making a video! Always helpful watching others play.


amazing art style and characters and a nice music and a great little story for a game jam the platforming does feel slippery and floaty at times but its a good for a jam

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The game is so charming, I loved it!

I personally think that the platforming part wasn't great, I think it is just frustrating to fall down and having to go all the way up again.

The idea is very nice, the bigfoot part was genius (even though I would have not repeated it, once was enough) and the style was just really beautiful, as was the music!

With a bit more polish and maybe some more intriguing puzzles using the camera would make for a very nice game I'd happily play!

Great job!


The pixel art blending into the 3D world was really beautiful and awesome! 

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great game, but could you reduce the sensitivity?Also can you post this music somewhere? its so beautiful 

Hello, thanks for playing! Yes, the sensitivity will be reduced. And we're glad you liked the music! Not sure if and when the music will be posted but we do, we'll most likely make an announcement of sort.

Ok, thanks! :)

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love it

Thank you!


First-person platforming is always a tricky design space, the way text was incorporated into the 3D spaces is awkward, and direction was a bit sparse. So the "game" parts of the game are a bit fraught.

But the atmosphere, the aesthetics, the experience? That was well-crafted. I don't have anything specific or insightful, just...it feels like a calm day at a campground, taking pictures, occasionally interrupted by drowning. But very brief, chill drowning.

Thanks for the feedback! I agree with your points - we'll be incorporating your comments  into a future update!


Really cute game! I like the 8-bit characters in the 3D environment, it looks so cool! (Aside from the fact that they disappear when you look at them sideways haha). It was nice navigating through the world and all it's little nooks and crannies. Once I saw bigfoot it did give me a few scares! Well done :)

Thanks for playing our little game! Glad you thought it was cute!


I really like the concept of the game! the 8-bit aesthetic really fits altogether and I find it calming. A little bit of feedback, I managed to softlock myself on some part of the cliff, is this intended?

Hello! Thanks for the feedback! The softlock is not intended - this is something we'll need to address in an update!

By any chance, do you mind to gave bit of hint after first encounter with bugfoot?

stuck for 3  hours :D

Ah sorry! I hope you were able to eventually find out what to do! I'd rather not spoil it here!